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Brain Tune-Up Series



$25 Per Class, $100 for All Five



A healthy brain is vital to wellness and longevity. Our five part series "Brain Tune-Up," teaches you how to support your brain heath through nutrition, acupressure, essentials oils, yoga and natural strategies. Join us for one or all of our engaging and experiential sessions designed to help you live well!

May 29th - Acupressure with Lesha

The Gut and Brain Health Connection From the Chinese Medicine Perspective

A Hands-On Learning Experience

Join Lesha Jacyszyn L.Ac. of Acupuncture For Digestive Health for a fun hour and a half of hands-on learning. The beginning portion of the class will include instruction on how to use acupressure points to relieve anxiety, calm the mind, de-stress, get a better night’s sleep and increase brain function. These are easy to do and can be done at home, in the office or on the go.

The rest of the class will focus on foods that boost the brain. Samples of probiotic rich foods will be available to taste as well as other nourishing foods for optimal gut and brain health. You will learn how the gut microbiome affects the brain as well as try tasty organic foods. Lesha will also demonstrate how to make Majestically Magenta Lacto-fermented Spicy Cabbage Sauerkraut. A take home booklet of pictures of acupressure points as well as links to recipes you can make at home will be given to each participant. Get your brain tuned up with Lesha, she’s excited to share her gifts with you!

June 5th- Yoga with Marilyn

Yoga for a Healthy Brain

Join Marilyn Kenoyer, E-RYT-500, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, for an educational and experiential session on yoga that is good for the brain! We will discuss, and practice, some yoga basics as well as some less well-known yogic practices that stimulate our brain and improve its functioning. For the experienced yoga practitioner this is a great way to get more out of your practice by understanding what is happening in the brain, what the benefits are and why. For those with little or no yoga experience this is an opportunity to learn more about yoga and practice some easy basics specifically targeting brain health. All are welcome!

June 12th - Janet Opila-Lehman

The GUT-BRAIN CONNECTION by Dr. J.Opila-Lehman, ND, OTL.

Have you ever said to someone, “I have a gut feeling about this,” or “I’m getting a pit in my stomach.”Have you often thought that your feelings and thoughts in your brain are connected to your tummy. Current research is exploding with information that confirms the existence of a “Gut-Brain Axis.” We now know that your gut microbiome (the molecules in your gut), actually act as a second brain. A healthy gut is essential for a healthy brain. This presentation will demonstrate this phenomena and give you natural strategies for promoting positive communication between your gut and your brain (and vice versa!). Get ready to learn how the “butterflies in your stomach” can be the motivators for “bursting brain activity!!”

June 19th -Essential Oils with Jen Alonso

Keeping your Mind Clear with Focus and Motivation

How do you keep your focus and motivation in today's busy world, while balancing work, home, family, and your own internal activity? Join Jen Alonso and learn how essential oils work within the body, as well as the best ones to use in specific situations. We will discuss safety, usage and even make some items to take home with you!

June 26 2019 Dr. Elizabeth Pavka, Wholistic Nutritionist

Title: Optimizing Brain Function Using Foods, Supplements, and More.

We've all heard, 'You are what you eat," but do you know what foods are good for your brain? Join me for a lively discussion about how to improve your brain function in many ways. We’ll explore and sample some foods that support brain function, and you will learn which supplements truly fuel your brain. Other topics will include the impact of activity, sleep, and toxins on brain health.