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The Health and Healing Now Workshop



$900 – $1,295


What is the cause of good health? You have easily observed at one time or another that your inner attitude has the power to influence outer circumstances. Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. When you are in a state of harmony and your actions conform to the deeper truth of your being, you have witnessed impossibilities become possibilities. But when there is inner turmoil, whether mental, physical, emotional or spiritual, this “suffering” inevitably invites negative outer circumstances, an accident, or illness.


  • Create an integral approach (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) to wellness through mapping.

  • Transform your physical being through greater spiritual understanding of the forces of contraction and expansion in your life.

  • Use your state of health as the vehicle to address the nucleus that makes up your health or lack of it.


  • Face health and illness with courage, calmness and certitude.

  • Experience the power within you that exceeds the skill of a million physicians.

  • Walk away with a transformed understanding of health and healing through increased consciousness.