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The Next Step for Mental Health Practitioners


The purpose of this workshop is to help the mental health practitioner increase her/ his already keen skills through a greater understanding of consciousness and its application to mental, physical, and emotional and spiritual well-being.

The “knot” for which individuals seek relief through many modalities of therapy is expressed by division and struggle of a million different forms but whose mandate appears to be uniquely the same: to seek but never find. The mind mistakenly identifies with just about everything that comes out of itself. It says: “this is my pain, my depression, my personality, my desire,” and thinks of itself as all sorts of little mes which it is not. It is a microscopic, stubborn, fearful, narrow, and conservative (this was its evolutionary purpose) mind, which is unwaveringly skeptical of anything new and sets up mountains of complications whenever it must change its routine ever so slightly; it just repeats and repeats inside us like a broken record.

Traditional efforts seek to relieve the individual from their pain from the poise of the reflective intellect. This limited mental perspective mistakes appearance for reality and fails to appreciate the profound spiritual symbols which lie behind and give rise to all mundane experiences. On the other hand, spiritual development regards the individual as inherently whole within a greater system of wholeness. Enlightened sages of all times concur in the view that an exquisite relationship exists between the understanding of truth and the life of man on Earth; “That which is above is like that which is below, the Macrocosm is equal to the Microcosm.” These perspectives suggest a center around which orbit the manifestations of a person’s inner landscape. In other words, the outer is a manifestation of the inner.

Given determinates of this nature, the nature of one’s life experience appears to have been chosen at a much deeper level in order to insure a specific quality of consciousness which would allow for the development of the Soul. It suggests that all that happens to a person occurs within a higher harmony, willing and accomplishing the highest good of that person, and that all things which happen in or around the individual is not in vain nor without its appointed place and just significance. And when the individual is in a state of harmony, interaction conforms to the deeper truths of one’s being. Nothing seems to resist. Even “impossibilities” dissolve, as if another law came to supersede the old one. Through the gradual process of awakening, the individual begins to become conscious of evolving as a person with an inner development, becoming conscious of particular cycles and themes, and one day, as a result of the gradual process of becoming, awakens.

The purpose of this workshop is simply to assist the practitioner in expanding his or her understanding of consciousness and as a result, gain new perspectives of human behavior and how to address them.



The Next Step for Mental Health Practitioners: July 23-25
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The Next Step for Mental Health Practitioners

DATE: July 23-25

TIME: Program begins Monday, 8:30 AM – Wednesday, 4:00 PM

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