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Discovering, Embracing And Untying Your Knot Workshop September 4-6



$295 – $425


The mental and emotional issues, addictions and “knots” that have become part of your life originated in those significant experiences that were part of your past. Many of those experiences have been relegated to your subconscious, to the days and years of forgotten memories. But alive they are. But what you have not dealt with or overcome in the past has the nagging habit of returning again and again, each time with a slightly different appearance, but basically always identical, until you confront the old knot and untie it. The intention of this workshop is to significantly increase your consciousness about your “knot”  and how to begin walking a conscious path to truth, peace, and fulfilling the innate image of who you really are.


  • Transform your perception of your “knot” and who you are.

  • Use the “knot” as one of the greatest tools you have to wake up.

  • Create an enlightened profile of your “knot” as a map to move forward.


  • Freedom from the past.

  • Self-forgiveness.

  • Transform the you you consider your Self to be.