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The Mystery School for Men and Women



$900 – $1,295


Over the millennia, the Mystery School tradition has preserved and sustained a thread of higher knowledge and consciousness that was found woven through all ancient civilizations. The guardians of the mysteries were charged with the preservation of the ancient knowledge and the preparation of the seekers so that they were able to receive it. These wisdom traditions were divided into two distinct categories which we refer to as the horizontal and vertical mysteries.

The horizontal mysteries, available to a wider spectrum of the populace, dealt with mysticism, the workings of the mind, and intellectual techniques which together resembled an early form of esoteric psychology. The vertical mysteries, dealing with the most profound secrets of time and space, were taught to those who had risen through the ranks of the horizontal mysteries.

While the understanding of self-awareness and the mind has increased dramatically over the last 3o years, our embattled world continues to suffer under the weight of corruption, climate-change, terrorism, racism, greed, fanaticism and a host of other dynamics. All of these effects are a result of ignorance. Identifying and incorporating into daily practice the wisdom needed to transform ignorance into knowledge is the purpose of “The Mystery School for Men and Women.”

We invite you to join us on this splendid journey of realization, change and transformation.

“This is he that is awake in those who sleep.” Katha Upanishad

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