The Birth and Purpose of WellSpring: A Life Divine

Through the centuries of attempts to come to terms with the meaning of our existence, we have created an escape mentality, as though the object of our existence is to be somewhere else...anywhere else but not here. However, the truth is that our destiny is to establish a divine life on earth. Heaven is here. Heaven is now. And it is going to be accomplished by one individual at time until enough energy has been accumulated that the breakthrough occurs. Breakdown is simply the mechanism by which it is achieved.

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Haydn Hasty
A Frog-Strangler Meeting in the Rain

It was a frog-strangler, as some people from around here call it, when I ran into the coffee shop to meet a woman I didn’t know. I leaned my dripping umbrella against the wall and looked around the room for someone I hoped to recognize from her LinkedIn photo. She smiled and waved and after confirming we were indeed looking for each other, we started what turned out to be an intriguing conversation.

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