The Gnostic Circle

The Gnostic Circle is the most effective method for understanding the transformation of human consciousness. It represents a vision of wholeness and has only one objective: it deals with the soul or seed of the divine in each human being and reveals the process by which the individual is made to flower in its process of becoming. Everyone is aware that they possess a physical, emotional, and mental dimension but very few are aware of their Higher Self which exists on the spiritual plane. With the discovery and use of the Gnostic Circle we now have the means to unveil these higher qualities within the individual through a new understanding of Time.

With this simple vision, the Gnostic Circle invites individuals to consider how they can begin to outgrow the fragmented consciousness that is the foundation of our current civilization and how to see and understand the evolutionary march or journey that we all share. As one learns to see the perfect order and harmony displayed in the smallest details of one’s existence, one begins to identify less with the ego and the mind, and more with a more unified  consciousness which has begun to emerge in our new day and age.

In this program you will explore these higher potentials and learn how to access their gifts as part of your everyday experience which will revolutionize your life and the lives of others.


  • Create an integral approach (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) to wellness through mapping.

  • Transform your physical being through greater spiritual understanding of the forces of contraction and expansion in your life.

  • Use your state of health as the vehicle to address the nucleus that makes up your health or lack of it.


  • Face health and illness with courage, calmness and certitude.

  • Experience the power within you that exceeds the skill of a million physicians.

  • Walk away with a transformed understanding of health and healing through increased consciousness.



Costs: $250.00

Time: Saturday: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Where: WellSpring Wellness Center, 960 Tunnel Road, Asheville, NC  28805