Perfecting Your Inner Practice With “Savitri”

"Savitri: A Legend and a Symbol" is Sri Aurobindo's inner guidebook for the soul. Michael Murphy, the founder of the Esalen Institute, stated that this work "...points the way toward the kind of transformative practice we need to realize our greatest potentials. No philosopher or contemplative of modern times has done more to reveal our possibilities for extraordinary life."

In this 3 hour program with Dr. Haydn Hasty, you will have an engaging and dynamic experience taking pieces of “Savitri” to help you build, refine and pursue an inner practice that will help you increase your ability to realize your potentials through the innate forces that lie inside of you waiting to be awakened. With engaging conversations and exchange, you will leave each program increasing your own personal wisdom and the quality of your life. Most importantly, the discussions are not philosophical or esoteric but are based on application to daily life.

From a personal note, Dr. Hasty says, "When I look over the course of my life, there is no book that has done more for me than Savitri. It is the greatest source of understanding I have ever acquired. Not a day goes by that I do not study it and seek to allow it to penetrate my thinking. It is truly the summit of everything I have ever sought in my own personal journey of consciousness, self-discovery, and joy."

Join Dr. Hasty for a purposeful, meaningful and enlightening experience. Owning a copy of Savitri is not required.

Each 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM program is $95.00.

Anna Caddell