Cycles, Themes And Archetypes: Your Individual Forecast

Your individual report is specifically designed to align you with higher levels of awareness and vision. Its ability to see future events within the context of a preexisting plan provides you with a unique understanding of the role of spirituality, time, consciousness and destiny in your life experience. This approach is particularly effective in identifying upcoming events and helping you find your way through the most difficult experiences to a new, less stressful and more harmonious way of life. You will receive a link to download an mp3 analysis of your unique and personal horoscope, a description of upcoming events and a detailed discussion of your position in the cosmological cycles that determines the overriding themes of your everyday lived experience.

To request your individual forecast, contact Robert Wilkinson directly at 828-620-2205 / To get your report started, Robert will need your birthday, city and state of birth, and preferably time of birth. The cost of the report and a 1 hour telephone or face-to-face conference with Robert is $195.00.


Anna Caddell